About Us

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, since 2003, the ZCI Group manages five divisions and services a variety of industries. We provide an unrivalled range of services to a wide spectrum of customers in the government, public and private sectors.

Our success comes from aligned, dedicated, highly passionate professionals delivering exceptional value to customers through operational excellence. 

These objectives can only be achieved within ZCI by a culture that embraces a customer focus and implements that focus through the daily involvement of every employee. It’s our mission to become one of the best and most respected companies in the nation, measured by our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

We specialize in on building ‘Luxury Homes’, which continues to grow. The homes are built with great design, luxury, quality, care and the customer in mind. We build a ‘home’ that brings you a smile, comfort and the necessities that builders don’t think of, we build homes that are luxurious from all levels.

Our focus is on large project management and problem solving for our clients. Utilizing a team approach, ZCI’s CPAs, attorneys, project managers, and consultants bring a diversified and deep experience base to each project. Specializing in unclaimed property auditing and consulting, ZCI’s professionals are becoming widely recognized as compliance experts in their field.

ZCI is rapidly expanding it services throughout the United States. Our growth and success are derived from new business divisions as well as incorporating seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds in tax, consulting, accounting, project management, construction services, business, and law.